Hopes and Dreams

As with last week, our UNspringlike Spring has given me plenty of time for knitting.  I am just about to turn the heel of the second Hermione’s Everyday Socks I have knit up in my own When In Doubt, Go to the Library colorway.  This has gone particularly well for me and only other responsibilities have kept me from finishing them sooner.  In spite of the nice, light sock weight they are very toasty and warm.  I know this from wearing the completed one while working on the other.

As a result, I have decided I need to start on some lighter weight socks for warmer days in our (eventual) Spring and later for Autumn.  I happen to have some bamboo yarn in my stash that has been looking for a project and I think this is what it has been waiting for.  I have several skeins of bamboo yarn and there should be enough to make myself and my two daughters each a pair of nice purple socks.

As promised in New Additions I have cast on a pair of Two-at-a-Time socks.  Being a BrazilianTealrecent and pretty eager convert to toe-up sock knitting this was the method I chose for this pair.  What’s especially exciting about this pair is not just that I will have completed pair at the end of this project as opposed to doing them one at a time, but I am pretty much designing it as I go.  I am feeling so very empowered!  To be fair, I’m not doing anything complicated at all.  But I am also not following any particular pattern.  I did the cast on I prefer and chose a simple textured pattern that will not be lost in the colorway I am using.  At each step of the way, I am mentally adjusting to suit my own ideas and it is going very well.  I am almost giddy with delight.  I can’t wait to show them off to you. I am using Araucania Huasco Sock Yarn in the Brazilian Teal colorway.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am using a pair of ChiaoGoo US size 1 circular needles for this project and I said I would give something of a review of them.  I had mistakenly said these were lace tip needles, but they are not.  This has in no way given me any issues, I feel very happy with these needles and the work is going smoothly and quickly.  My one regret is that I didn’t get a slightly longer cable than the 32 inches I purchased, but this has not really been a major obstacle and I will happily use them often.taat.jpg

Something I have not yet mentioned on this blog is my hope of selling my own hand-dyed yarns.  I have been working on this idea for about a year now.  I have bought materials, books, taken a class, watched YouTube tutorials and just began experimenting in my kitchen.  It has been a very enjoyable craft to learn and I’ve received some very positive feedback on my colorways.  I have chosen a business name and had a logo designed.  There have been some walls and stalls as I worked on this, but I have been encouraged by others and determined in my own heart to keep at it.

In recent days, there have been some exciting developments in bringing this dream to reality.  A friend of mine owns a coffee business called White Swan Coffee Lab ( a place I might possibly be writing in at this very moment 🙂 ).  He is in the process of opening a new shop and we are discussing including some of my yarns on his “Locally made” shelf when it opens.  I brought in several samples of my yarns with me while we were talking about this and while there, I sold 4 skeins to 2 ladies that happened to be there at the time.   They posted pictures of their purchases online and I have had some interest expressed by others in our area.  There are a few other things happening but still in the “too early to be sure” stage of things.  I will keep you updated.

There may also be an online shop in my future.




The winter lingers on.  But I am getting a few glimpses of hope for a day that I can spend in my garden and woods and get this season off to a proper start.  Whenever there is a day of sun and milder temperature I get out as quickly as possible and do as much as I can before the weather thwarts me again.  Not to mention, there are these people in my house that still insist on being fed.  But I think by the end of this month we will see a definite change.

Just this week I came across the concept of Hay Bale Gardening. I’m considering adding this to my gardening projects for this year.  I still plan to till my normal spot and grow in the ground as before, but I think I may add a few bales to experiment with this approach and compare outcomes.  I will probably do at least one bale with something that I have grown in the soil and see how the results compare.

Roll Call

Chickens-all accounted for and doing well.  I found the spot in the fencing that they were escaping through and they are now safely contained but still with plenty of elbow  (wingspan?) room.  My plan to have them work over the area that I have my herb garden is working beautifully.  The soil there is almost ready to plant in, weather permitting.  In the next week or two, I will change the direction of the fencing to give them access to fresh grass and give myself access to that garden spot for final cleanup before planting.

Chicks-my new little ladies are doing well.  They are eating well, drinking well and move away from me with great energy when I feed them or check on them.  I think they will be good additions to the flock when the time comes.

Rabbit-I don’t really have a proper name for her.  I call her whatever comes to mind (because I am compelled to talk to all my animals)  Hunny Bunny, Bun Bun, Mama Rabbit.  She has really liked the expanded room in her pen.  She seems especially fond of the bucket I laid on its side for a brooding box.  It has become her hiding spot when she is not feeling sociable.  She is a bit of an introvert.

My hope is that Spring will indeed come at last.

My dream is for a reasonably successful hand-dyed yarn business that allows me to work in the art I love.

Here’s to all your hopes and dreams.  May they come to pass and bring you much joy.



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