New Additions

It’s been Spring Break in my part of the world.  As I am never without a list of “To-Do’s” I had high hopes for the extra days.  I have sometimes fantasized that my superpower could be that I had endless energy but require no sleep, or at least very little.  Alas, I have to manage my time and energy like everyone else.  But my biggest obstacle to achieving my goals this week has been the rain, all the endless rain!!  You may recall from Come Rain or Shine that I had prepared lists of things to do, whatever weather came my way, but I will admit I really, REALLY wanted to get to the outside work both for the sake of getting long-neglected tasks done and to soak up a bit of sunshine.  Frequently, the forecast put out by the weather app on my phone doesn’t materialize.  So, I cherished a hope in my heart that the day after day after day of rain it told me was coming wouldn’t be quite as bad as expected.  This time it was all too accurate.  There were a few brief hours of sunshine that were very restorative so I will remind myself to be glad for that, at least.

The bright side of inclement weather is having extra knitting time.  As you may recall, I began my first ever toe-up sock last week.  I am happy to report that I have completed the first sock and have begun the second one.  As many toe-up enthusiasts point out, one of the benefits of this method is being able to try on socks as you go.  This ensured that I was able to produce a very well-fitting sock. I used my own colorway When In Doubt, Go to the Library.  For a first attempt at this method, I was Hermione Toe-Upvery happy with that result.  Next, I am going to try two-at-a-time toe-up socks so that I can have a completed pair much more quickly.

To do this toe-up sock I had gone back to using the Magic Loop Method and found myself liking it a bit more than I had previously.  But the only circular needles with a long enough cable that I had on hand was a US size 2 and while that worked with some adjustment to the pattern to make a smaller size, I usually prefer US size 1 for sock knitting.  So I ordered a pair ChiaoGoo needles with lace tip ends.  I have heard a good deal about this brand but had not yet tried them, this will be my chance to decide for myself what I think of them.  I hope by this time next week I will have made good progress on my two at a time socks and I will give you my honest review of working with these needles.  I’m still pondering what pattern to go with for this experiment.

Since the rain was endless for several days I opted for a day off from housework and chores and had a “Studio Day” and just went through my fabric and yarn stash, settled on some “what’s next” ideas and put my feet up with cups of tea (and there may have also been a midday glass of wine) and my work.  As I sat there knitting or sewing, watching Agatha Christie Whodunnits on my laptop with my tea and a cat curled up on the windowsill I came to one inescapable conclusion:  I am such a stereotype!!


I did try something new this week.  I had recently torn a hole in the knee of my favorite pair of jeans and being of the “waste not, want not” type of mindset I took it as an opportunity to try a Pinterest idea I had seen.  The original idea came from This site with this photo:


My own result was this:


I like the pop of color this added, and while this may change when and where I will wear these jeans, I don’t have to surrender them just yet.

Since I was enjoying the needlework (and the murder mystery) I decided to try my hand at some embroidery. I have thought of learning this craft for some time but had yet to make an attempt.  I happened to have some extra embroidery floss for a cross stitch pattern I have been working on, so I chose a nice color and found a simple YouTube tutorial for a basic stitch and just randomly picked another spot on the jeans and gave it a try.


I think with some practice, I could make some progress.  This pair of jeans may become the “experimental” pair for future attempts.  In time, they could turn out to be quite a decorative pair of jeans.

Things were also active on the Homestead as well.  I did not get to start my garden as I had hoped but that didn’t mean we didn’t get some things accomplished.

First of all, I was finally able to get some new baby chicks for my flock.  Because of the glow of the heat lamp for the brooder, this picture is not the greatest, but you can see these new additions, who are doing well so far:


One is hiding in the corner but there are 4 ISA Browns, which is a breed I already have and find to be excellent egg layers.  The two black ones are Black Sexlinks (don’t ask me about that name, I have no idea.) They are also purportedly good layers and I wanted to add a new breed to see how they work for us.  It’s always exciting to add to the crew. I envision a day with a flock with a wide variety of colors and personalities.

Not to neglect the older girls, here is a shot of them enjoying one of our rare mornings of sunshine:


Finally, even though I wasn’t able to get a good picture of this, I enlisted some help from my dear husband to expand our rabbit pen to give our Mama Rabbit a bit more room.  We took another cage and connected the opening of that one to the one she was already in, plus we added a square bucket lined with straw for a brooding nest for her.  She seems to like this arrangement very much.  While we were working on this we placed her outside over some fresh greens.  Happy Bunny.

I have a good friend (waves at Susan) who has offered me some young Elderberry plants to add to our yard.  These berries have some very healthy properties and I have really wanted to get some of my own, so I’m excited about this addition as well.

So, upon reflection, I guess my week went pretty well, in spite of the rain, and with a deeper appreciation of a nice, sunny day.

I hope you are enjoying your Spring or, in the case of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn.




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