Reclaiming My Time (and My Yarn)

Those of you who read Baby, it’s COLD outside may remember this knucklehead,


who found and damaged two of my hand-knit items.  First, he shredded the thumb on a pair of Good Time Mitts that I had recently made.  Fortunately, on this pattern the thumb is attached after the body of the mitt is completed, so I was able to reclaim the all the yarn except on the thumb.  Although I was not happy about it, I was also not crushed.  I had already decided that although this pair had turned out just fine, the fit was somewhat loose for my taste.  Since I had enough of the same yarn type I had planned to do a second pair and go down in needle size for a better fit.  Thanks to Archer, my plans for this were expedited to right now!  It’s been a cold winter for us and between seeing to my chickens and early morning drives to work I needed to make a new pair without delay.

Reclaimed project #1


I wanted this pair for basic wear but I also considered them a good item to have around since I’m a big fan of a good campfire both in Spring and Autumn when the air is cool.

The next item he found was a cowl that I had knit from a gift of yak wool I had been Stonehengegiven for my birthday a few years ago.  I knew I wanted to make another cowl but decided to use a different pattern than I had done originally.  So after a search on Ravelry, I decided to use the Stonehenge Neck Warmer for this project.  I worked on this for a bit and after having knit about 2-3 inches took a look.  Although I still really like this pattern and plan to use it some other time, it was not a good choice for this particular yarn.  This skein of yak wool is very rustic and not entirely consistent in its thickness.  As a result, the texture and detail of the pattern were being lost.  Since it was a chunky, rustic type wool, I decided a more appropriate pattern would be a simple ribbing with wide sections.

Reclaimed project #2

This oatmeal color is the natural color of the fiber.  When I first knit with it years ago I had not yet learned to dye fiber.  Now that I know how, and have a good selection of colors to choose from, I’m seriously considering dyeing it.  I have not yet decided on a color yet.  Bold or subtle?  Light or dark? Opinions?

In the course of this project, the fiber occasionally came apart and I had to join ends.  I don’t know if this is typical of this type of fiber since I haven’t worked with any other yak wool or it simply hasn’t aged well.  So if I dye it, I am going to take some of the leftover fiber and dye it all together in case I need some extra for future repairs.

Finally, there is one other project that I am doing a “take two” on.  About a year ago, I knit a hat using some lovely green Malabrigo yarn.  I recently discovered a small hole that had developed and was unraveling the hat.  Not wanting to lose any of my Malabrigo I frogged this back with the intention of making a new hat with it.  I decided on the Finlandia pattern for this one.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right sized needles for this.  So I ordered some US size 4 and  US size 6 short tip needles and a short cable to create 16-inch circulars.  Happily, the cable and size 4 tips arrived quickly. Unhappily, the size 6’s were delayed and I have to wait for their arrival to continue the already cast-on project.

Reclaimed project #3 (in fetal stage)


Not much to show just yet, but it’s as far as I can go until the other needle tips arrive.  According to the delivery info, that won’t be until this Friday. So I may not have anything to show for this project next week either, but hopefully, by the following week, I will have a completed hat to show off.

I also did a bit of a splurge and ordered this:


It is also scheduled to arrive on Friday, so I’m especially anticipating next weekend.  I look forward to continuing the hat project as well as spending some time with this book.  I’m such a party girl.


Lastly, I want to do a bit of an update concerning last week’s post Medium-A apocalypse.  For those who have not read that post, I lost 3 of my chickens and a 4th was wounded to a visiting dog.  I am happy to report that the wounded chicken is doing just fine, far better than I expected when I first rescued her.  I was in touch with several people who also raise chickens and was encouraged by their stories of chickens who had survived similar attacks with more serious wounds and healed quickly and lived long lives.  My lovely lady seems to be one of these tough birds, although her wound is still healing, in all other ways, she is acting completely normal.

I happened to be at the farm store where I buy feed this week was pleased to see that they have begun putting out the new chicks for spring!  Of course, I wandered around looking at the babies for a bit.  So in the very near future, we will be getting our brooder set up for these new arrivals.  I will post pictures when that happens.

I believe that nothing we spend our time on is wasted, I’m learning how to do something new, how to do something better, or what doesn’t work.  I’m also a big believer in reducing waste of any kind.  These projects blended these two beliefs beautifully.  In reclaiming and redoing projects not only was I reducing actual waste but it also gave me an opportunity to see how my skills have grown and evolved.  I love my journey.




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