Disgruntled Knitter

“To everything there is a season” or so Solomon (and The Byrds) tell us.  What I hear when I read the poetic lines of weeping and laughing, mourning and dancing, gathering and scattering is that there are times of ebb and flow to all our lives.  There are times when things move smoothly and times when you wonder just WHAT penance you are paying?!

So knitting.  I love knitting.  Knitting is my stress reliever and my happy place.  If you read this blog regularly, likely that is also the case for you.  But the last couple of weeks, well…..  I look to knitting to help reduce stress, not add it.  But.  To everything there is a season.

The Bunter Hund scarf is nearing completion, but like I promised in the previous post, no more pictures until it has been completed.  Just as it has been all along, it is my most relaxing project right now.  When all the other projects are throwing me curves, even things I am very experienced at making, THIS project is at least one I can count on to treat me gently.

Hermione, Hermione, Hermione

As you know I have been working away at the Hermione Everyday Socks for far too long now.  I completed the leg, no problem.  I knitted the flap, easy peasy.  I turned the heel, my favorite part. THEN the picking up of stitches.  I don’t know if I did it wrong or just convinced myself that I had, but I felt that somehow I had picked up waaaaay too many stitches, yet I didn’t see how to pick up fewer and avoid gaps.  Why didn’t I have a grandmother or great aunt who could knit?

Fortunately, my friend and new hero, Lea, has come to my rescue (again).  At the last meeting of the Tri-State Fiber Arts Guild she looked over the sock in question and agreed with my assessment of “a time to tear” and took it home with her to get it back to the right spot so I can move on.  The plan is to meet up for coffee and get me over this hump.  I am absolutely determined to master this and fill my drawer with hand knit socks. I know I can do this and when everything is going well, I really do love it.

Isn’t it funny how the thing that relaxes you can also throw you a challenge and still (after a bit of hair pulling) put you in that happy place?  I imagine it is much like this for long distance runners.  Many people run to decompress and a good many set themselves the challenge of a race which results in extra training, longer hours, blisters and exhaustion and they still get great pleasure from it.

The Gryffindor square that I am almost done with is also being “rebellious” with me right now.  (Seriously, Universe!) Fortunately, the issue I am having with it is minor and I am correcting as I go.  No one will know but me that there is an issue, but I know.  I’m suppressing the urge to break into song.

I think the best solution to this particular project is to just work almost monogamously on this until I am DONE with it and can add it to the growing list of squares for the Geek A Long blanket I am working away at.  I still have 3 more Hogwarts House squares to go.

Side Note:  I have finished the Harry Potter series and went to the Sorting Hat page of the Pottermore.com site and was sorted into Gryffindor House.  This, of course, means I will need to add a red and gold garment of some kind to my “to be knit” pile.

If I just added to my pile based on my favorite shows/books alone that would keep me knitting for a good long while.  Lord of the Rings. Star Trek. Narnia. Hunger Games. So many things.

Happily, there is an upside to this disgruntled moment.  I really love to create in a lot of different ways.  When I have to step back from one  (or several) of my knitting projects to regain some perspective I will often turn to some other creative outlet for a bit.

Along with knitting I really enjoy sewing, but I have spent almost no time sewing in the last few months as I have focused almost solely on knitting and yarn dyeing.  This past week I decided to pick this up again.  The nice thing about sewing is that you can get a simple project done quickly. I’ll admit that I love the almost instant gratification that comes from this.  Also, I needed to make this! Honest! All my project bags are small and I have some slightly larger knitting projects that need a home to live in.  So I headed down to the local fabric store just before the end of October and picked up a really nice seasonal fabric.  PoeFabric

I love the literary Gothic novel vibe of this print.  I’ll use the orange as accents and as a liner for the bag.  If I worked in a library I would make a skirt of this to wear during October.

I have also spent time setting up my Bullet Journal for the upcoming year and have been having great fun playing with different ways to arrange and decorate it.  I love the Internet and all the available technologies for so many reasons, but there are certain areas where only analog will work for me.  My pen and paper way of organizing my life is definitely one of them.

Finally, I have begun dyeing yarn again.  There is a Christmas fundraiser for my grandson’s school that I am going to do my first ever booth and sell some yarn.  Exciting!

Here are the colorways that have been added this week.

This one doesn’t have a name yet,


but I’m going to call this one October


To remind us all that there are times and seasons I will send you off with a song.

Love, Peace, Knitting,


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