The wedding is over.  The newlyweds are wed.  Family and friends have returned home.  After some drama with the breakdown of a car, the new couple is safely back home from the Honeymoon.  Siiiiiiiiiigggggggh.

Elyse, my daughter, is the event planner, not I! Very lucky for her that she is.  She arranged a beautiful and unique wedding that included a lot of fun and centerpieces at the reception that included the Starship Enterprise (we are a VERY geeky family). If we had held to the tradition that the mother of the bride plans the wedding I probably would have handed them two tickets to Las Vegas.  I love helping, I’ll do my part, but the whole thing? No, no no no no no, NO! Am I overstating it? No.

But now, life is returning to normal.  I’m finding my groove again and Autumn is really starting to set in.  Still some warmish days but we are having some lovely cool and sunny days and I am loving it.  Moving on from the wedding and beginning my favorite season, I think my blood pressure is returning to normal.

Knitting for me is not just a hobby (I scowl just a bit when someone calls it that) but a lifestyle.  Many of my fellow knitters can relate to that as well as the artisans of other crafts.  So it will come as little surprise when I say that I knit almost daily.  I recently (post wedding) accepted an invitation to a 30 Day Knit challenge.  This was a no-brainer since I really didn’t have to alter my normal life at all and still make it look like I accomplished something.  My favorite kind of challenge.

I did slow down a good deal for a couple of weeks before the wedding, but now I am back with a vengeance.  Projects barely begun like this one:


Have grown to this:


This, again, is the Bunter Hund, a free Ravelry pattern.  Since I only have one ball of Noro that I am using for this I had originally planned to make a shortened version of it, but I am really enjoying this very much and I happen to have a solid skein of a color that happily coordinates with this in the same weight and yarn type, so I will continue on with it to complete the full pattern.  During the busiest weeks when my mental and emotional energy were at low ebb, this was the perfect project to work on.  It is primarily garter stitch and was excellent decompression knitting after long and stressful days of juggling numerous and urgent tasks.

I have been continuing on my Hermione’s Everyday Socks and I am happy with my progress.  As I have mentioned before, the only bit to sock knitting that makes me balk is the heel since I am still gaining my sock knitting proficiency.  I mentioned this to my friend, Lea, who is a far more experienced knitter and she encouragingly said, “It’s just 3 steps”.  That statement was more profoundly helpful than she could have realized.  It took it from “big scary, you’ll screw up all the good work you’ve been doing so far” to manageable bite sized steps.

Another helpful discovery was a series of YouTube videos that takes the knitter step by step through this very pattern.  

These are done by Simply in Stitches and have been very helpful.  Not only did this help me through the heel steps but she is also working with 9″ circulars as I am.  I feel the completion of these socks and the casting on of the next pair is quickly approaching.

But now, I think I may be getting a bit carried away since cooler, better knitting weather is setting in and the holidays are approaching.  I keep thinking of new things to make for myself or others.

I am about halfway through a cowl that I am making for my grandson’s teacher.  I’m afraid I don’t have a pattern for this since I received it on a sheet of paper from a friend several years ago and I don’t know where it originated.  It is a favorite of mine and is a great choice when I want something that knits up quickly.  It is basic but I love the look of it.  It is knit in the round, begins and ends with 4X4 ribbing and in between is a diagonal pattern.  I gave my grandson, Justice, the secret mission of noticing what colors she likes to wear and this tweedy deep green will be a good color for her based on his intel.  teachergift

In addition, Justice had a day off of school recently.  I had promised him we would dye up some wool with which I would then make a scarf for him.  In this case I used food dye and vinegar rather than the acid dyes I normally use since I was working in my daughter’s kitchen and with young children.  As a result the colors are a bit lighter than we were going for but we were still pleased with the results.  Now, of course this scarf needs to be produced.  Here is the patiently waiting wool caked up and ready to go:


And I just keep thinking of more and more things to cast on.

I have a skein of Crazy Yarn from Stonehedge Fiber Mill that was divided into two balls to turn into a pair of Fingerless mitts for cooler weather and sitting by campfires. I’m still deciding on which pattern to use for this project but I hope to get started on it soon.

I have a shameful (well, no, not really ashamed to be honest, more like thrilling) amount of sock yarn that I’m eager to work on.

Finally, I added the book Sock Architecture to my “to-be-read” pile in the hopes of demystifying the process of producing beautiful, well-fitting socks.  I had asked Maggie Menzel: Knitwear Designer about this book and she highly recommended it.  So when it was on sale, I nabbed it!


Cheers to all my lovely readers.  I have missed writing for you.  I invite comments, questions, ideas.  I love hearing from you.


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