Retreat, retreat!!

I have a very brief post for you today.  But I have a very good reason.  Mark, my beloved, decided we needed to escape for a bit.  So that is precisely what we did.  He made all the arrangements and it was a lovely, relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

We stayed at 1875 Bed and Breakfast Homestead near Nashville, IN (not TN!).



Nashville, IN is a charming little town with an artist colony and all manner of cute shops and great food.  Did I remember to take pictures? No I did not.  Sigh.

But we had a great time.  I will admit to being a bit predictable in my acquisition of souvenirs.  I bought some books from a thrift books shop and stopped by The Clay Purl and bought a skein of yarn just for meeeeee!!


The Bed and Breakfast was beautiful, spotless and very comfortable.  I actually sat down for an extended time in their library and fireplace rooms just to read for a while.  Something I have not been able to do in a very, very long time.  Blissful.library



I would like to say I got to spend some good knitting time, however, there was a problem.  As my readers know, I have begun dyeing own yarn.  I enjoy the whole process and find using the swift relaxing and meditative as I skein and re-skein the yarns I’m working with.  But just this past week, for some inexplicable reason one of my most recent skeins got badly tangled.  It was a mess, but a nice yarn and a pretty colorway and, to those who don’t know me, I’m really, really stubborn when it comes to not letting something conquer me.  This tangled mass was NOT going to win!

I started detangling Thursday evening.  This was continued on Friday evening.  We had a 2 hour car ride to Nashville, my car knitting sat quietly to one side as I detangled.  After spending the afternoon in Nashville we stayed in our room to relax and watch a movie, still detangling.  We got home last evening and at long, loooooooooonng last I won!! Bwahahahaha.  Sorry, but that made me a little crazy.  I didn’t take a before picture of this mess but here is the skein now beaten into submission:


You can’t really see the pops of darker blue or purple in this picture, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I’ve been contemplating colorway names and after the aforementioned experience in getting it to this stage I’ve been considering such names as:

  • Victory or Death
  • Dye Sucker Dye
  • To the Victor Go the Spoils
  • Cackling Maniacally in Victory




6 thoughts on “Retreat, retreat!!

  1. 1. I LOVE Alegria. It’s so lovely to knit with and I love the vibrant colours. If you’ve never knit with it before, just be aware that the colour changes are short. That surprised me the first time I knit with it.

    2. I hear you about not wanting to get beat by a skein of tangled yarn. I can remember one particular skein took my grandma and I 13 hours to untangle. Although I will confess spending that time sitting with her was wonderful.

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    1. This was the first time I have encountered Alegria, but it colors were just so gorgeous I had to try it. I’m still deciding what its fate should be.
      13 hours makes me feel a bit better, I think it took me around 8 altogether, but oh, my goodness! I wanted to throw it out the window and at the same time I kept saying, “just a little longer”. Glad I didn’t give up.


      1. I was weighing either shawl or socks. I’m trying to really get confident with my sock making so that would make sense. At the same time I’ve really been on something of a shawl binge lately. So, still weighing my options.

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