There seems to be a problem here….

Dear beloved readers.

My computer is having issues.  I have not forgotten you all.  I enjoy writing about my forays into all the knitting and fibery fun that I am having and learning.

But at this point I’m doing most things on my smart phone rather than computer.  So this week’s blog is postponed till next week.

But you should definitely look forward to next week’s blog.

This past Wednesday I sat down and interviewed Maggie,  a designer with no less than 46 patterns on Ravelry.  One of her newest patterns is in the newest Knitty edition about to be released.

We will be talking about her patterns, her designing process and all manner of good things.  You will definitely want to check back in for that.  We had a great deal of fun as sat down for a cuppa and a good talk.

So very sorry that this is all I have for you today.

Until next time, may you have great fun and satisfaction in your yarn-filled journey.



STOP looking at me like I’m a ball of yarn!!



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