Studio Loading…..

I hope you can all forgive me for the brevity of this post, as well as how late I am in getting it posted.  If you read Floods, Fibers and Family you will know this is a busy time for me.

What is relevant for us here today is that my daughter and her family have relocated to their new (and awesome!) home.  This meant (Oh, Happy Day) I could reclaim my studio which had been converted into a bedroom for the duration of their stay.

So this week has been a spring cleaning/ rearranging/setting up my studio.  In the midst of this I have a friend who has downsized and gifted me with some furniture she no longer had need of.  This included two really great shelving units perfect for a studio.

Here are some pictures of the “work in progress” shots from the studio:





This is not even remotely finished, of course.  It WOULD be if I didn’t have to also clean the rest of my house! Sheesh.  But I’m pretty happy to get  this rolling again.  This is my Creative Think Tank and I’m looking forward to the projects I will make, the skills I will learn and going “confidently (or more like, determinedly) in the directions of my dreams.


See you all next week!



….or the studio.

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