Yarn, Spring, and All Good Things

Any day yarn arrives in the mail is a good day.darngood

Any day baby chicks come home with you for your first flock is a good day.


Any day you can spend time with two of the cutest boys on the planet is a good day.


I have had a seriously, extravagantly, perhaps unfairly good day.

Forgive me for reveling, but everyone deserves a day like that from time to time.  I’m grateful for the ones that come my way.

The upcoming week looks like it’s going to be a good one too.  I will be going to not one, but TWO free knitting classes this week.  As I mentioned in One for the Road one of the branches of my local library is holding a class to knit the Linus Shawl.  To be fair, I could knit this pattern at home without the need of a class, but if I hang out with other knitters it’s a bonus.  Especially since I will go on about whatever I’m currently working on no matter what, and being able to spend time with other knitters with whom I can do this will probably make the non-knitters in my life a bit happier since they won’t have to be the recipients of my goings on.

For this shawl I’ve ordered a cake of Knit Pick’s Stroll Gradient in the Velvet Painting colorway.  If the tracking information is correct for the order it should arrive the day before the class. So I can look forward to another day with yarn in the mail.

Then the very next day I will be going to my beloved Knit Witts for a sock class.  My faithful readers are aware that I’m relatively new to sock knitting.  I have managed to complete one pair of socks for my Box of Socks.  I still need the box.  And a picture of the socks.  Yes, I will get both of those tasks checked off my to-do list by the time of my next blog.  With any luck.

So far I’m not a huge fan of the traditional heel flap and turn, but that may simply because I found it the most challenging part of the process. I may learn to love it.  In every other respect I’m pretty comfortable with a basic sock.

As a fan of the many knitting podcasts on YouTube such as soxcetera and A Homespun House and Brooklyn Knitfolk I am aware that the “Fish Lips Kiss” heel is a very popular method.  Since I’ve been hearing so much about this type of heel I was delighted that Knit Witts was offering a class on this technique.  I’m hoping this method will prove a little less frustrating.  TBD.

I’m also going to implement another change.  In the past when working on smaller projects I have used DPN’s (double pointed needles) or the Magic Loop method (see One for the Road for a brief video on this) to work in the round.  I can do both of them, but I neither love nor hate either one.  To experiment a bit I recently ordered two pair of Hiya Hiya Sharps 9 inch circular needles in US size 1 for sock knitting.  One podcaster, I believe it was Kristen from the Yarngasm podcast,  was not a fan of the two at a time method using one circular needle with a very long cable. But she still wanted to avoid “one-sock-itis”.  So what she had done instead was knit both socks on two different needles.  She would knit the cuff on one, then the other, a few rounds on one, and then the other.  In this way, she still got two socks finished at more or less the same time and she was able to monitor how long to make each sock in case she was starting to reach the end of her yarn.  This sounds like it could work well for me.  It will also give me a chance to try out the Hiya Hiya sharps for the first time.  I just have to decide what sock yarn to use for this pair.  Decision, decisions.  In this case an agonizingly pleasant one.   I am really looking forward to casting on another pair of socks.

Since I am about to cast on two new projects I’m trying to hold off casting on anything more in order to have a bit of restraint in my number of projects.   I don’t have a ton of restraint though,  since I did cast on a cowl project that I expected would go quickly.  I used some silk waste yarn I received from Darn Good Yarn. It was very nice to work with and knit up very quickly.  As you seen in the photos it was a very colorful yarn so I chose a very simple pattern since I wanted the colorway to carry the show.   cowl

It has a very “shabby chic” sort of look and goes very well with my treasured Hard Rock Cafe denim jacket.


The best thing about this project was that I was able to find a fix that I had been searching for.  I like to make cowls but I often found that when casting off in the round I had a little “jog” at the end.  I have tried various approaches to hide it, but was never quite satisfied.  But just before I began casting off this time I did another search and lo and behold, I found something that worked brilliantly.

In this cowl the final join is truly invisible.  I’m looking forward to making some nice cowls as winter gifts this year.

Wishing you all many good and bright days,


Today’s blog writing music provided by “The Eagle’s Greatest Hits” and Rush’s “Fly By Night”.

4 thoughts on “Yarn, Spring, and All Good Things

  1. I haven’t made too many pairs of socks either, but I love the heel flap and turn. I think because at that point I can see this tube begin to turn into a sock! This post also reminds me that I need to finish the sock that on my needles. It’s been there since Christmas. Haha!


  2. Maybe, I learn to love it. Maybe. Right now it feels like rocket science when I get to that point of the project. But one of the other ladies I knit with said it felt the same way for her at first but then something clicked. I’m hoping for that moment!


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