Comfort Food or Comfort Yarn?

Do you think you can jinx yourself?  Is it really a bad idea to say something like, “Wow, I’ve had a really good week so far”?  Will disaster inevitably ensue?disaster

Once, when I worked in a hospital, I commented, “It’s pretty quiet tonight” One of the nurses glared at me and joking/not joking said, “You better knock on wood!!”.

Where is this going?  Couple things:

1) I keep a running list of blog ideas in a notebook for future use. One of them was the concept of comfort yarn instead of comfort food.

2) Recently I was thinking how healthy I’ve been and that I didn’t remember the last time I had been sick. Soooooooo, guess who got sick this week?  Sigh.

I felt it coming on Thursday night.  “Take extra Vitamin C”, I said.  “Get some extra sleep”, I said.  “You’ll be fine”, I said.  Yeah.  Didn’t exactly work out like that.

So Friday, there was still work to be done and I did it.  Well….most of it. But I did manage a nice big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, because as cliche’ as it sounds, I really was craving it.  It turned out really well and apparently the other members of my family felt in need of comfort as well, because that large pot was gone in under 24 hours.soup-1335168_640

Finding the silver lining here:  When I’m down, and I feel I’ve satisfied the minimum requirements then I can pull out the yarn, make my tea and binge-watch to my heart’s content without the pang of guilt I might feel under normal circumstances.

As you may recall from Doing the Continental I recently learned to knit Continental Style.  So I viewed my downtime as a good opportunity to work on this.  Almost every day I had been doing a few rows of knits and a few rows of purls just to practice.  The thing I struggled with most was finding the best way to hold the yarn in my left hand and maintain the proper tension.  It seemed to constantly lose it’s anchor until I could no longer continue without stopping to reset and start again.  For awhile it seemed I was having to reset about every 5 stitches.  I knew that it would be slow going until I got the hang of it, but this was really frustrating.  But then, imperceptibly the shift happened and now I am knitting steadily along in this style without having to constantly struggle with the tautness or the looseness of my yarn.

Once this happened I cast on two new projects.  First I cast on a blanket using this  Scarf Pattern.


This is a picture of how the pattern knits up although I’m using a rust colorway for the blanket. I will post a proper picture of it in a future post.

It is a 16 row repeat in sets of 16.  Since I had a large ball of yarn I had bought intending to make a throw blanket sometime this seemed the opportune time.  This has been going along well.  There are a few mistakes that I have not bothered to go back to fix since they are relatively minor and this is simply for practice and my own amusement rather than a display item.  It has loooong rows and I can only work on it when I have plenty of time and little danger of interruption.

So I also decided I needed a smaller simpler project that would be easier to pick up and put down.  I created a pattern for a simple scarf with a one row repeat edged in garter stitch.

It is cast on in an odd multiple of 2 + 8 stitches.

In my case I cast on 26 stitches : 18 plus the 8 for the garter edging.

I worked the first 6 rows in garter and then began the pattern:

The first 4 stitches are knit-body: p2, k2 repeating until the final 4 stitches which are knit.  I will continue this until I’ve got the length I want (I’ll know it when I see it) and then do 6 rows in Garter stitch to finish.

This is a perfect practice piece.  I can pick it up and put it down at will without having to see what row to work.  I’m almost halfway through it and I can see that I’m becoming more and more confident in this style and gaining speed as well.  Proving Kim right (see Doing the Continental) that it only takes the will to learn it to gain this skill.


Along with the comfort knitting I spent plenty of time on Instagram and my favorite online yarn shops coveting all the brilliant yarns and colorways that are coming out.  This is my yarn porn.  Fortunately, I was able (for a change) to resist the urge to buy since I have been buying a bit more than usual lately and maybe, just maybe, I should actually complete the projects with those purchases first?  We’ll see if I can hold out or not.  No promises.

I am starting to feel better and can be thankful for my comfort food, comfort yarn, AND that at least I didn’t have a MAN cold!

Wishing you comfort whatever the reason,


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