Yarn Buying: Bloodsport


You look cold!

Say the word “knitting ” and many people immediately conjure up the image of a sweet little grandmother contentedly creating hats, gloves, scarves and socks to the rhythm of her rocking chair.  No one within her family will be cold and likely, few people within a 2 mile radius of her house will be either.

However, most people who knit AND spend anytime online see the rising resurgence of knitting as a passion.  Calling it a “hobby” seems too small a word in light of the intensity of interest and the large numbers of knitting and yarn junkies all over the world.  (We may have a problem, but we don’t want help!)  And while there are plenty of grandmotherly types among us, there are a great many young, trendy, hip people of either gender, some with hair as brightly colored as the fibers they work with and sporting tattoos (I’m considering adding a knitting related tattoo to my collection)

Cool, no?

Case in point is the Edinburgh Yarn Festival that is going on right now!  Adherents from the UK, Europe, the US, and I’m sure even further afield, come to meet with their own kind.  They admire fibers of every type and hue, talk together in tones from boisterous to reverent and take home the materials, works of art in themselves, to create more art with their own signature style.

So, I mentioned a bloodsport.  Sadly, there are those of us, every bit as devoted to the fiber arts as festival attendees,  who do not have the opportunity to fly off to Scotland or other venues to attend these bright spots of heaven on earth.  BUT there is the Internet.

I’m so very grateful for our global online community that connects us to each other as well as to the vendors we would love to meet if we could.  To tell the truth, I was never into Ebay like some of my friends during its heyday.  They are savvy and knowledgeable in how to find the deals, make the sales, and know ALL the tricks.  I have made a purchase or two there, but it was never my “thing”.

That all changed when I started following some of the Indie dyers that you can buy from now.  Since I am an avid watcher of knitting podcasts on YouTube I quickly became aware of some of the favorites among that community.  This past week I decided to wade in and try my hand and acquiring some yarn from Voolenvine Yarns.  Kristen is an Indie Dyer working from Brooklyn, New York and creates many drool-worthy colorways.  She updates her online shop once a week and her yarns are literally (not figuratively) gone in minutes.

I had my eye on one of her more popular colorways called “Gothday Cake”.  So the day of the update I was in front of my computer, caffeinated and fully alert.  I had logged in, made sure all the info I could add was there and knowing exactly what I wanted.  I was poised and waiting for the magick moment when the items would appear in the shop.  Boom they were there!  Click, click! Grab that skein!  Argh, NOOOOOO!  Already gone!? Look!! A gorgeous purple, variegated colorway called “Coven”. Quick!! HAHAAAAAA! GOT IT!!.  Oh, the adrenaline rush and then collapse.  Coven


Those who don’t understand our passion  may shrug or roll their eyes, but to us, the fervent faithful, this is a moment of bliss.

This past Wednesday my order arrived and I knit up a quick swatch to see what it was like to work with.  It is soft and beautiful and I cannot wait for the lovely pair of socks that will be added to my Box of Socks this year.  (See previous post For the Journey).  I am still determined to get some Gothday Cake and there are some other dyers I’m eager to try, but for now I will enjoy the joy of this moment.

Since I mentioned Knitting Podcasts I will list a few of my favorites here.  I have MANY, so I will just randomly choose some for this post and will include some others in future blog posts.

Yarngasm— Kristen of the aforementioned Voolenvine Yarns

Inside Number 23–Katie, from the UK talks about Knitting, Sewing, Harry Potter, her Husband Emrys and their pug pup Rollie

Knitting Expat— Mina, from the UK but living abroad and quickly becoming a pattern designer to watch.

JunkYarn— Kemper from the US quoting here “A weekly podcast about knitting, crafting, and creativity with a healthy dose of silliness and cat hair”

Finally, a blessing to my fellow yarn groupies-May you have a community of knitting fellowship to brighten your days.  May you have an abundance of lovely fiber to work.  May you have an abundance time with which to work it.  And may the bane of sore fingers and arms stay galaxies away.

Bright Yarn and Blessings,





2 thoughts on “Yarn Buying: Bloodsport

  1. […] In the past several weeks I have begun diving into the world of hand dyeing yarn and it has been fun! I have been dreaming and building toward this for some time now.  It all started with stalking various Indie Dyers on YouTube and Instagram whose colorways could bankrupt me for decades if I bought all that I would like to own.  I blogged earlier about the experience of buying from the very popular Kristen of Yarngasm Podcast in my post, Yarn Buying: Bloodsport.  […]


  2. […] One of the factors that kept me motivated to actually complete these socks was that I had another skein of yarn that I was dying to cast on for another pair of socks.  But I sternly told myself I was not allowed to cast them on until this pair was completed.  In case you’re interested it was the skein of yarn I purchased from Voolenvine Yarns that I described in Yarn Buying: Bloodsport. […]


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