The Answer to Everything


A few months ago I started frequenting my local yarn shop (lys) Knit Witts Yarn Shoppe in Evansville, Indiana.  Of course yarn shops always have my heart, but this shop is like having access to a piece of Nirvana when I feel the need.  They have couches, tables and chairs for folks to just come in, hang out and knit.  Chances are there will be others who show up with the same idea and the staff are a wealth of information and expert advise. Kelly is my hero.

One Wednesday I strolled in and found a group of ladies there knitting away.  I struck up a conversation with Tesla (great name!) and asked about the shawl she was knitting.  She was working on the Hitchhiker and it was coming out beautifully.  When I commented on the edging which has scalloped points she responded.  Yes, there’s 42.  I gasped, “Because the answer to everything is 42!!”  Although I had heard of this project before, until that moment I had no idea it was a pattern linked to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  She laughed and said “That’s the first time I didn’t have to explain that!”

So as soon as I was able to get a few of current projects off the needles I picked up the materials to start my own Hitchhiker.  Because Tesla’s shawl was turning out so well I opted to use the same yarn.  I bought two skeins of Crazy Yarn by Stonehedge Fibermill crazy

Since I had already decided to buy this particular yarn I didn’t do my standard “neck test” in which I press a skein of yarn to my neck to check for itch factor(while my husband awkwardly looks around to see if anyone is noticing my “odd” behavior :), so I was surprised to learn that it is made of 100% wool and yet has little to no itch to it.

So far I’ve created 15 out of the 42 points so just over a fourth of a way in and both pattern and yarn are a joy to work with and it is working up just as beautifully as Tesla’s did.

Here is my current stage:



It was recommended to me to use US size 3-5 for this project and since I tend to be a loose knitter I went to size 3.  I’m in the process of gradually upgrading my needles so I’ve started with a pair of straight needles I had on hand but I’m planning to buy some size 3 circulars to transfer to when the rows become too long to manage on the straights.  With some Christmas money I bought a US size 1 Karbonz to try and I have loved them.  But I’m also considering trying more than one brand until I settle on a favorite. Any suggestions?

So, while sadly, 42 is NOT the answer to everything, in this case it brought me a new friend, a new project, and a new favorite yarn in a single moment.  I would love more moments like that.

Love and peaceful knitting,


P.S. Maybe the answer to everything is “Don’t Panic”

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