Knitting In the Apocalypse

Newsflash!  Knitting is a therapeutic activity.  Ok, so maybe not a newsflash, but nevertheless it is true as this article (and many others) bears out:

Health Benefits of Knitting

But the truth is, many of us instinctively knew this was true before we ever read any article or watched any report on it.  I cannot tell you the number of times that during a very stressful period of my life simply taking a break to knit just about saved my sanity.  Sometimes, because of the frustration and chaos of those times,  remembering to take those breaks would fall off the radar as I struggled to keep up with multiple things coming at me.  But the moment I picked up the needles again the tension level started subsiding.  I still had to go back and deal with the hot mess I was facing, but when I did, it was from a better, more grounded place.

Historically and personally we all face apocalypses in our lives.  “Big A” Apocalypse:  things like Depressions, Recessions and War.  Things that capture our attention and affect our lives on a large scale.  But everyone also faces their own personal “small a” apocalypses over the course of their life.  The loss of a relationship, of a job, the death of a loved one.  Things that send our compasses spinning so that we hardly know which way to face while normal life just rolls merrily along whether we are ready for it or not.  

Much has been written over the years about creating practices that help us stay grounded as we navigate the stress of these events whether Big A or small a.  Turning off the tv or computer and taking a break from the unending coverage of some tragedy.  Going for a run.  Meditating.  Doing something we enjoy.  These are all good things in normal day to day life, but they become absolutely essential in times of heightened stress.  

I have several go-to activities when things get to be too much, but knitting is pretty much a daily activity for me.  Rare is the day that some time is not spent giving some love to one project or another. 

This is my long-winded explantation for the name of this blog, which is simply a way to take my joy of knitting to the next level. It is my desire to connect with the ever-growing knitting community online and around the world.  

So whether you are knitting away the stresses of a bad day or finding a spot in the Red Cross shelter to focus, just for a moment, on something other than the horrible event that has just occurred OR like me just knitting for the sheer bliss of it stress or no stress,  let us share this thing that gives us joy or at least a moment of respite.

In upcoming blogs I will be talking about projects I am working on.  Yarn or needles that I am loving, knitting related events, and all the fun things.  I hope you will enjoy these with me.



P.S. Do you think Katniss would have had fewer PTSD symptoms if she had learned to knit? 

End of the World

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